Arkist Bible 安裝問題

以下是安裝時出現的問題, 如有其他請告知.

1. 簽署問題

因Arkist Bible是免費的. 我們沒有申請要付費的Nokia簽署證書.

a. 設定->安裝管理->安裝設定->軟件安裝->”全部”
b. 設定->安裝管理->安裝設定->連線證書檢查->”關”

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8 comments on “Arkist Bible 安裝問題

  1. 你好,
    我按紅色收線掣, 是可以離開的,
    而且有顯示“Arkist Bible”字樣。

  2. I have downloaded the 増强版 app in my iPhone, apart from the front page list of contents, all the bible passages are in weird symbols, cannot read the Chinese

  3. 增強版 which support iOS 5 is still under review by Apple. Believe that it will be ok in these few days. Please use standard version which is already approved by Apple.

    No matter how, sorry for any incovenience caused. I will inform you after approval. If urgent fix is required, please let me know.

  4. I haven’t tested the app on Nokia 701 which use Symbian Belle. You can try S60th.

  5. I just update the new version on 2-24-14 but then it can’t work anymore, and I try to uninstall and re-install again, still not working, it just won’t let me get in the app.
    Please help.

  6. I’m so sorry that we have terminated S40 and S60 app
    development though the app can still be downloaded.
    We’re now focusing on Android and iOS. Anyhow,
    what’s the problem ? Any message from device so
    that we can check any helps can be provided.

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